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 The objectives that we at Tehnopan are trying to attain are:

 Quick and quality service to the client, the best possible design of a line, with optimum choice of technology, minimum energy consumption, ensuring environmental protection, favorable working conditions, to the satisfaction of the end user.

 Over many years of work considerable results have been achieved in the technologies of conveyance, grinding, fragmentation, sowing and sorting, applicable in seed, milling, siloing and fodder industries, as well as storing, grain and flour processing, finished products packing.

 (References of designed and constructed facilities)

 In developing technologies, independently or in conjunction with an established partner, account has always been taken of the need to preserve the quality of raw material during processing in order to optimize the final product quality. Special attention is given to minimum production losses and technological flexibility of finished products.

 We attach great importance to quality solutions in the area of monitoring, controlling and managing processes being regularly applied in fodder production lines, flour silos and mills.

 A high degree of cooperation with the end user and application of jointly acquired experiences are our priorities. 

We are glad to be able to say that over the past 14-year period of operation as a private engineering company, preceded by the founder's 30-year experience in the branch, we have constructed a number of plants in a timely manner and to the client's satisfaction.

 Satisfied clients are our greatest success. Reasons for such satisfaction please find under "Offer".

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