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* Fischbein sack sewing machines, parts, thread, servicing

* SAXON sack gluing systems

* milling silk and SEFAR grit gauze from 40 to 1800 in widths 106, 136 and 152 cm, Quicktal glue, frame straining machines, lining tension meter, flour trowel, thread counter

* lining cleaning and straining accessories: brushes, cleaners, flour removers, felt in 10/1.5, 15/1.5, 25/2.5 and 40/4 mm bands or 5 and 10 mm thick plates

* all types of filter materials and fabrication of filter sacks, sieve bags – sewing custom made

* roller brushes; grooved - incl. goose feather, or smooth - horse-tail hair or felt, revolving brush for grit cleaners, reversing devices, guides

* steel fabric for sowing; galvanized and Inox, wire mesh for scrapers and brushes

* perforated sheet metal – grids in 1000x2000 mm panels: for sowing and grinding, overlap openings for washing and rinsing, round, triangular and oblong, pickled, galvanized and Inox sheet metal, sieve rubber cleaners, dia. 22, 30 and 35 mm

* parts for bulk material conveyance: tubes, sections, couplings, two- and three-way  switches, manual and pneumatic, latches

* spiral worms, screws, from 50 to 500, black and Inox, SPIROFLEX worms (without spindle) for conveyance up to 80 m and in bends dia. 50-125 mm, Redler chains, drive and tightening gear, chain guides

 * finished worm conveyors, custom made, from 90 to 200 mm dia, lengths 3 to 12 m. Stitch design and with a drip basket, fixed or mobile, wheeled

 * elevator buckets, sheet metal and nylon from 80 to 300 mm, elevator screws, galvanized and Inox M7-M12, length from 25 to 45 mm

 * antistatic and oil-resistant strips for elevators: black and white for food industry, sack conveyor strips

* Power transmission belts, EXTREMULTUS and leather, glue and spray paste. Belt fasteners: ADLER, JACKSON'S, GRIPWELL, MINET. Belt gluing and joining services.

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